Through the miracle of computers, several people have created exact reproductions of type fonts used at various ancient time periods. Plus, some fonts, although not exact reproductions, give a fun or close representation of typography for the colonial time period. Many of these fonts are readily available either from mail order, or for a fee can be downloaded from the internet.

My love of printing history has caused me to collect many of these fonts. I have also collected or examined thousands of pieces of printing from our colonial period. Combining the two means that we can offer anyone the service of doing colonial style typesetting. If you lack the knowledge of colonial typesetting, or do not wish to spend the money on a type font you may seldom use, let us be of service to your typesetting needs.

Below are samples of some type fonts we use and examples of some of our past work.

An example of our original work to replicate the typographical style of 18th century pieces.

At the request of a client, this text label was created to add his rebinding of a Steubenville Drill Manual.

Bookplates, an owner’s label, were very common in the 18th century. This customer requested that we create a bookplate to his specifications be added to a rebound book .

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