Below is a single link that will take you to a separate web site that contains our current list of inventory items. Once you enter that site, you will see four separate categories.


The first link takes you to “Antique Items” which is a page that has original period pieces for sale.


Next is “Modern Books”. This link takes you to my current listing of modernly printed items that have specific interest to the 18th century. These books are modern in every sense, including a modern cover.


The third link in this site is “Pamphlets”. This section provides a list of inexpensive pamphlets for children and adults alike.


Finally there is a link to a page titled “Rebound Books”. These are modern books that we have already rebound into 18th century covers.


After you have made your selections, you can e-mail the item numbers you are purchasing and we will get you your order with haste.