Modern books and their covers seldom have the same look and character of those of our past. The smell of real leather, the feel of polished calf, or even the artistic look of hand marbled paper are things that only a hand bound book can give. For those who wish to recapture that look, smell and feel of the 18th century, we at the Colonial Printer & Bookbindery offer a unique service. By skillfully removing the modern cover of a book, we reconstruct the structure of an 18th century book. Then we recover the book in your choice of leathers or marbling. Using traditional materials and tools, the book is finished out with a traditional spine label and the binderís choice of blind tooled decoration. Gold tooling is available upon request and will be priced separately after the binder helps the buyer decide what to put on the book.


Below you can choose the style of rebinding you wish to have on your book. Basic pricing can be found through the supplied link. The base prices include; new end sheets, cover materials, a gold tooled spine label and blind tooling on the leather. Each style shown has pricing for the two basic book sizes. Because soft cover books lack the hard boards and require more work to convert to an 18th century binding, there is an additional charge. Return shipping is also additional.

Full calf binding

†† The most common form of binding in the 18th century. Vegetable tanned calf leather has a unique feel of quality and elegance while also being sturdy as well.


Sprinkled full calf

†† This is a full calf binding in which a dark brown dye is literally sprinkled onto the calf after the book is bound.



Paneled calf binding

†† More common in the early 18th century, this full calf binding has three concentric panels tooled and dyed in two tones.



An example of our rebinding can be seen from this photo and the book below.† The half calf bound book (below) is the result of the modern paper bound cookbook (left) we recently rebound into an 18th century covering.

Half calf binding

†† Also common, this has a calf spine and corners. The balance of the covering is reproduction hand marbled paper.



Quarter calf binding

†† The same binding as the half binding, with the exception that this binding does not have the calf corners.