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Welcome to the Colonial Printer & Bookbindery, where we offer not only 18th century bookbinding and typesetting services, but also offer reproductions of 18th century books, pamphlets and chapbooks!



We offer a number of “Products & Services” to the general public and to re-enactors alike.


Entertaining chapbooks for light reading and children for your enjoyment can be found. We also have a few commercially reproduced facsimiles of 18th century books which our Journeyman Bookbinder either has removed the modern cover and given the book an appropriate 18th century cover, or still in modern covers for resale.


Another service offered is bookbinding where we can take any modern book (including soft covered books) and replace the modern cover with an appropriate 18th century one. We can also do a limited amount of simple book repair and restoration.


Typesetting any product you may need in the style of 18th century printers is offered as well.


Please follow the links below and see what we have to offer.


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